Rage Mobility TV out problem


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My new video card broke down so I had to replace it with an old Ati rage mobility. This video card still works great and I can see the windows desktop on my tv set, but when a play and avi movie I can see the image on my monitor but I only see a black blox on the TV:( , sound is great. I read some threads in this forums, I saw some problems with TV out but not the black box problem. When I check on the display property this is the information I got:

Manufacturer ATI Tech Enhanced
Processor Match64 Rage Mobility C
Driver 4.12.2173 2-13-2001
Build M6.11.122.T01
Desktop 4.12.249
Bios 4.214
Date 2001-3-16

Any ideas or suggestions will be highly appreciated, thanks in advanced, joe.
You need to set the TV as your Primary monitor and then run the avi movie. The problem occurs because the card is unable to provide an overlay surface on both the monitor and the TV at the same time.
Big Z, you're my man!!! It worked perfectly, looks like you know what you're doing.

Agent_J thanks for your constant support too, I'm gonna check the page you told me anyway. There's always something to learn.

Really appreciate your help guys. Live long.:up: Joe.
Rage Mobility Problem Also!!!

Rage Mobility Problem Also!!!

I have a rage mobility running on a gateway solo 9300 laptop on windows xp using the xp_5772 drivers i got from big z website and i can't get the tv out to work. when i connect the wires to the tv it just flickers like crazy i've changed all the refresh rates from 60-100 and resolution from 800*600-1024*768 and it still flickers ... when i go to properties and advance under display there is only monitor and panel no tv out ??? some one please help !!!!!!!!! thanks in advance ...