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hello, i have problems whit mi pc freezing up when y run games like max payne or any other game that requires d3d, my sistem is kind of old its a ibm thinkpad series i, celeron 433mz, rage mobility m agp 4mb and 128 mb ram.. when i start the games they start pretty fast but after a few minutes the systems locks up and this happens all of the time.. Any idea why this happens and how it can be solved?????Ihave allready tried whit other drivers but till this date nothing has worked...thanks and ur help will be apreciated...
To be honest, I'm kind of suprised that Max Payne even started on a Rage Mobility, so you are already further than anyone else ;)
The most recent game I have had running on my laptop is Unreal Tournament / Deus Ex (same 3d rendering engine). Anything newer either won't load or gives up as you have said. The Rage series is now over 7 years old and entirely outclassed in the gaming environment (2d/DVD playback is still top notch though!).
Which other games are you having problems with?
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Seems more like an overheating problem than a driver issue. See if you can get some better cooling, maybe an external fan.
BTW, Max Payne is kinda playable under Win 98 with a Rage LT Pro. (almost identical to Rage Mobility)
Well this problem happens with all of the games that require d3d and opengl and it happens all of the time, iv'e been using the m and j driver sets at big z so i think u'r right and it must be some kind of cooling problem..and im running windows 98 se...
Matty P said:
The most recent game I have had running on my laptop is Unreal Tournament / Deus Ex (same 3d rendering engine).

I got Quake III running on my 8MB Rage Pro, although it was kinda laggy, like 15fps :o

and STV: Elite Force 1 (based on Q3 engine) ran even better than Q3 lol

edit: oh ya, Sacrifice also ran quite well on the Rage Pro, 20+ fps usually :D
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Sacrifice didn't run on my laptop (see the specs below :) ) , good game though...
Also never had quake 3 run on it, trouble with using 2k or xp on such old hardware. UT ran alright cos it actually used the multi texturing capability.
As for Max Payne, it runs like a dog on my cube... (that could have something to do with the crap celery though)
Warzone 2100 worked quite well on the laptop.