Rage LT Pro Help Please!


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Okay, I wasn't sure where to ask this, so I just put it here. On our other comp, it has a Rage LT Pro AGP 2x. I've installed the drives and reinstalled them... It keeps resetting to 640x480 resolution after the computer is restarted or gets shutdown. It wont let me change it back to 800x600 unless I reinstall the drivers again and that will only work until the computer gets shutdown or restarted again. What's the problem? Anyone have any ideas? I got the drivers for it off of Compaq's site. The comp is an old Compaq... They're the right drivers... It's pissing me off!
Still doing it. Gonna try to get into the BIOS to see what the problem is, but I can't get into the damn BIOS! I've tried F1, F2, F4, F8, Insert and Delete... None of 'em work!
F11 would be your lucky key. Seems more like an OS issue to me. A reinstall of your OS would be good, aspecially if its an old machine. Make sure you have an updated antivirus, firewall and run a spyware tool such as Adaware.
Try booting into safe mode and uninstalling all video cards. Reboot and reinstall driver of choice.
What OS, DX version you using?