Rage Fury Maxx hangs


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I have the following problem:


And my BIOS part number 113-67305-100.

I have written to tech support but they haven't
answer me yet. I think that I will have to flash
my bios. But I have read that I will need to
send the card back to them so that they will
flash it.

Is there any other solution? Can anybody send me
the correct BIOS so that I will flash it by myself?

Where can I download BIOSes? And utilities for
flashing (and making backup prior that)?

I am really desperate as I can work only in 640*480*16

Maxx Bios

Maxx Bios

mmm...I had my MAXX in the my mobo below, and had no prob's, never checked out the BIOS tho', maybe I can dig that card up for you and see what BIOS it has, and pull it... I'll let ya know if I can find it.
Really? That would be really nice.

Can you do that? And check if your card BIOS part number is
one of OK ones (the list is one that page). My number is
113-67305-100 so I think that yours should be 113-67305-101.
I don't know if other ones will do the trick. I can try them

Was a copy of the 113-67305-100 BIOS ever made available? I was handed a Rage Fury Maxx (had to really dig on the 'net to figure out that was what I was handed, too). The card was re-flashed in attempt to use it in a Mac, and the PC BIOS was never saved. Basically, I would just like to get this card back to original status.