Rage 3d Pro Pci On Windows XP


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I used to run windows 95 adn have an ATI 3d Rage pro video card which is connected to teh ATI grpahics card by a ribbon cable.

I ahve upgraded to windows xo but dont know what drvers to yuse as i cant get any succes.

I want to be able to use the inputs on teh video card again like before whihc were : CAT in (like normal tv areil input) s-video input, composite, ther the main ones that i want to work

I presume ill need drivers adn teh program for this as i used to ahve a video player on a disc for windows 95 which you could select the input you needed adn it would show it but it wont install under win xp.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated!


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I do not understand, do you have 2 ATI video cards? Are one of those card an old TV Wonder card? Why are you using a ribbon cable between 2 cards?
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Sorry for not explaig well enough i ahve an ATI 3d Rage Pro graphics card linked toa ATI-TV card with a ribbon cable adn i want to be able to sue the ATI TV card on my windows xp computer. I just want the input ports (CAT,S-Vieo and composite) to work.


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Re: Rage 3d Pro Pci On Windows XP

If you are using an internal ribbon cable between the video card and the TV card, then you must be using a VERY old TV Wonder card. It is a safe your TV Wonder card is too old for Windows XP to function with it. I'm sorry.

My advice is to purchase a new video card with VIVO or AIW functions already builtin:
ATI Radeon 9000Pro AIW for $133
ATI Radeon 9600XT AIW for $163
ATI Radeon 9800Pro AIW w/ remote for $332

If you prefer to keep your video card and simply having working TV tuner and video capture, then get a PCI TV Tuner:
Leadtek TV/FM Tuner w/ remote for $40
Hauppauge WinTV-Go for $49