Rage 3D Pro driver for Windows Vista


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Hello, I found this discussion board through Big Z's site.

I have an older computer (Pentium III 1GHz, Asus CUVX4-E board) that runs well and meets my needs. It runs the current version of Ubuntu without a problem; in particular, there is no problem with either the NIC (Network Everywhere NC100) or the video card (ATI Rage 3D Pro) with my 22" LCD monitor.

But for reasons best omitted here, I need MS Windows Vista. WV performs acceptably on this computer, however, WV doesn't like the NIC or the ATI Rage 3D video card. I forced WV to use the NC100 driver that I dug up. WV doesn't recognize the video card, but using Big Z's links I found an ATI driver package that works up to 1024 x 1280.

In the Linux world, the ATI card will do 1680 x 1050 (xorg.conf). Is there a way in WV to configure the video card to work at 1680 x 1050 ?
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Thanks for the welcome. My original post seems to have disappeared.

I would like to know if it is possible to use 1680x1050 resolution with the ATI Rage 3D Pro card in Windows Vista. Using Big Z's driver package, I can use 1280x1024.

In the latest version of Ubuntu, my hardware has no problem displaying at 1680x1050.
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it may be possible to add the needed resolution into the registry where the standard vga driver (that comes with the OS) capabilities are listed

you just need to 'use' vista, but not aero, & no acceleration right?

EDIT: http://entechtaiwan.com/util/ps.shtm i wonder..
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Right, no Aero, no acceleration... I tried Powerstrip as well as the information on Big Z's site with no success. My conclusion is that the ATI M-Windows driver for the Rage 3D simply cannot do 1680x1050. It will go up to 1600x1200 but that doesn't work for my monitor.

My solution was to buy an old Radeon AGP card from someone for $10. WV recognized the card right away and I have 1680x1050. $10 isn't too much to pay to avoid frustration. (o: