Rage 128 Pro Xpert2000pro Installation on Win2K


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I have been working on this for 3 days now. Here is my story.

My son's computer had an unlisenced version of WinXp, which came preinstalled when I bought the used compter. I personally prefer Win2000, so I set about installing it on his system. All went well until it came to 2 hardware devices. The video card says right on it:

Rage 128 Pro
P/N 1025-B4030 00142
S/N A209152064

Win2000 does not recognize it. I went to ATI to get the drivers and downloaded: W2KR128513013279. The first time I tried to install this driver I was asked for a WinXP disk to obtain files. I happened to have a copy of one and it could not find the correct files. I searched his old drive and found them, which seemed to satisfy the install. On reboot I got THE BIG BLUE SCREEN. I cannot recall what it said, but when I did a search I found this advice:

To resolve this issue, add the following line of code to the sources file before you compile the driver:

This links your driver to the appropriate exception handler library and prevents you from receiving any load-time error message.

NOTE: In the free build environment, you need to change the optimization from the default (Oxs) to (Ox). You can do that by typing set MSC_OPTIMIZATION=/Ox. Also, Exsup.lib is only available in the Windows XP DDK. For additional information on the DDK, see the following Microsoft Web site.

My problem with that is I have no clue where the "sources file" is located where I am to input this script. After trying to find an answer without positive results I reinstalled 2k and did ALL the Windows Upgrades, added DirectX and checked for viruses (none).

I freshly downloaded the drivers from ATI and attempted to install the graphic drivers again. Now I get the message: This display driver is not compatible with the display adapter(s) installed in your system.

So.....from what now? I assure you this card worked just fine before I reinstalled. Oh yeah, and now though some boneheaded, tech-wannabe move on my part, I have cleared all data from his old drive so any files there that might have helped are gone into the great trashcan of no return.

Thanks for reading all this. I feel a bit better just for typing it out. I would feel much better if I could get more than 16 colors to show on his system.

Well....I read everything in the sticky above, as well as all kinds of confusing articles via links from same. There were 17 views of this problem in 24 hours with nary a response. That leavse me to believe that it it impossible to run this card on Win2000. Options? Buy a key for Xp and hope it works? No thanks, I never liked XP and the new Vista is just plain scary. What I'll do is take this card to a comp shop and explain my situation. Maybe I'll get a few bucks on trade and get a new-to-me card that actually works. Anything except an ATI product!

How can something as vital to computing be so difficult? I am not talking TV out or fancy graphic applications here. I am talking about just getting the option to set the res at 32bit true color so one can actually read a website or see a picture. Fortunately my son is away for March Break and having the comp down is not an issue for him; just frustrating for me.

Oh, and the other card that didn't read? That was a Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1. I found a site with drivers that actually worked and that is all as it should be now. It is a decent comp other than that outrageous Rage card.
Once you resolve the blue screen issue, do the following.
Run the ATI driver setup. It will unpack the files to a location on the hard drive.. usually C:\ATI.
Do a manual installation of the driver. See my site for details.
Enjoy the view.
Biz Z.

As stated, I read your site and many other spots you linked to. That is, the links that still exist. Nothing there that I have tried have solved anything. Getting past the blue screen was one of the issues.
You say to "manually install". What exactly do you mean? If you read comprehended what I aws writing you would have seen that I do not know how to find the "sources file" to input that sting of code that is supposed to cure the BOD.

I am not a comp dimwit, but tone down just a tad, point and grunt a tad more and perhaps I might grasp it. Frankly, I am fed up and about to scrap this card and any association with an ATI product. Plug and play should be just that. I have worked with 98 and 2k since they were out and NEVER had an issue like this with a graphics card above 4mb.

The ATI site says that the driver I downloaded is the correct driver for Win 2k. This card worked with the wonky XP O/S, so I have to think it is a Win2k issue since the O/S (and drivers) are the only thing that have been changed.

Thank goodness this is a secondary comp and the days down are not effecting anyone too harshly.
Thanks, Big Z. I did that (a number of times) and it says that there are no drivers for that device. This is what dumbfounds me.

I followed all those steps and the reult was I got the "select device" screen back and it was blank. Do you know the specific file I am looking for? Is it ATII2KAA.inf?
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ati2kaa sounds like the file you should be pointing to...
Try changing th edriver manually to the standard vga.
Reboot and then try to install the ATI driver manually.
I have gotten problems like this before, and that was the only thing that worked.
Thanks Classic.

I have just returned from picking up a $5 Asus V7700 card. It works perfectly. Your fix may well work, but it will have to be for someone else.:)