Rage 128 max. resolution issues in XP


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I gave my in-laws an older system I had in order for them to learn computing. The system (AMD K6/500 on EPOX MVP3G-M with an ATI Rage 128 card) now has Windows XP on it, and we bought them a 17" LCD for Christmas (native resolution 1280x1024). Problem: I can only see 800x600 and 1024x768 settings in Properties. Non-native resolutions on LCDs suck.

I'm using the latest ATI-supplied driver (6.13.3279.0). The same problem existed earlier today with the Microsoft-supplied driver.

Windows identifies the card as a "Magnum/Xpert 128/X99/Xpert 2000." Using ATI's P/N identifiaction, it is indeed a Rage 128 16MB card.:nuts:

For clarification, right now it is hooked to my monitor (a 1024x768 15" LCD), but the adapter properties do not list any higher resolution. I have it at my home tracking down a separate HD problem (older motherboard -- newer HD conflict). Sometime in the last week it has shown a wide range of resolutions, including 1280X1024 (I thought using Microsoft drivers), but the HD has been overwritten since then!

Any help?
This issue is possibly resolved. I'll know tomorrow when I return it to their home and try it with their monitor.

I tried the computer on a different monitor here at home that has 1280X1024 resolution. By turning off DDC (In the ATI Attributes tab) I could get other resolutions to show up and to work. That is SUPPOSED to work on my monitor as well, and go into scrolling mode, but it did not. Hopefully I can get it to work correctly with their monitor tomorrow.
I plugged it in to their monitor and it works just fine. Apparently DDC did the trick!

Thanks for the response, Big Z.