Radeon VIVO software bundle and capture info



The ATI product page didn't say what software bundle comes with the Radeon 64MB VIVO retail package. I am keen on knowing if they included Ulead VideoStudio (video editing) and Merlin VR (basic modelling).
Is the AIW Radeon going to be any better at MPEG capture than the 64MB Radeon VIVO?
Is it true that hooking up a TV-Wonder to the 64MB Radeon VIVO, results in video capture being possible only through the TV-Wonder (though it's max capture resolution is less).
Is the Radeon 64MB VIVO (or the AIW Radeon for that matter) any better than the AIW 128 Pro 32MB for video capture using a PII-350 computer? (I asked this question (AIWRadeon capture >= AIW128 Pro capture?) twice by email to the ATI support team just to get generic answers with pointers to web pages that do not answer the question).
ATi includes its own Software to capture Videos, so there is no third party software includes with the Radeon 64mb Vivo.