Radeon VII BIOS V106 available!

I glanced at the vbios link today, and there's a v106 bios now (previously was v105), for you amd-branded card owners!

Hmm... unless AMD forgot to do a BIOS version or name change I downloaded that BIOS a month ago. I'm looking at my downloads it show that exact version downloaded 3/5/2019 19:37.

It also shows the same creation date: Wednesday, ‎February ‎20, ‎2019, ‏‎10:07:06

BTW my card already shipped with that BIOS installed. Got my card Mar 19, 2019
Flashed uncritically, works flawless (for at least the last 5 minutes...).

My VII was launch day, flashed to 105 firstly, now 106.

Thanks rms!