Radeon TV-out


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I know the Asus 6600 does this :
High quality TV-out supports 800x600 resolutions

What about the Radeon ? What is the max resolutions ?
all tvout cards i had supported 800_600 but tv's dont like it much looks very blinky because tv's only support one res
I'd just like to add that the TV-out is very crisp (for what will display on a TV, at least) but I had some problems connecting the cable to the out jack... it wasn't making very good contact so sometimes the screen would flicker and turn off.. i think its just a connection problem though.
Only 800x600... But, does that mean that you have to use you computer screen at 800x600, or can you use 2 different resolution ? I'm not sure, but I think I saw a Matrox a few time ago, that you be set at 1024x768.
You can have the TV at 800 x 600 and monitor at 1024 x 768. But they will both have the same refresh rate 60 hz (for NTSC). Make sure your monitor supports 50 hz if you're using PAL.

You can have the "virtual" TV resolution set to 1024 x 768. The real resolution on the TV is still 800 x 600. It just doesn't display the entire desktop. You can scroll by touching the edge of the screen with your mouse pointer.