Radeon "the ark" Demo + winme +win2k DVD



Anyone had any problems with "The Ark" demo off the Driver CD? In win2k during load Win2k interrupts and insists upon increasing the virtual memory (pagefile) over 384MB!. But after that it will run. And it is impressive, especially the EM bump mappping.
A bit jerky though. But I'll blame the sblive and its poor drivers for now.

Anyhow, in winMe it just exits back to the desktop after loading over half the data. I moved the winme pagefile to c: and gave it about 500MB to playwith, and made some more space in the winme partition (300MB free).

It still doen't work, any ideas.

Also the DVD player hangs in Win2k after 2 seconds of The Matrix. This is my only DVD, and I know it is notorious for its excessive security, so is the player the problem or the DVD?

I tried quite a few demos from www.tranzmit.com, but i noticed many had bugs in them. Anyone got some sites, especially with EMBM demos?

I read up on the 'Ark Demo' readme and it says that you should expect a pagefile of around 400MB (wow ATI, that is one efficient engine you got going on there)

It took about 3 minutes to load on my machine - I thought I had done somthing wrong till i checked that readme.