radeon software


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is there a way to exclude software from the radeon driver software panel?
it wants to tell me how excellent my fury x is for my headset software... just tired of not seeing a game there.
If I understood you correctly, you should be able to right click the app in Radeon Software and be able to select "remove"?
when i do it shuts down the radeon software (not the driver) and when i restart it's like i never removed anything
I've never done it after install. But you can do it during install

i don't need the radeon software gone just want it to not show "RzSynapse" as a game. (which it isn't)
Mebbe we should get Kombatant on the case and have them blacklist RzSynapse as a source to be monitored..or perhaps AMD should adds a user configurable black list of games and software to ignore.