Radeon + DVD???


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I know this sounds stupid but what am i suppose to do with the Mpeg decoder card that comes the DVD-roms?

Do i still need that?
In theory, you don't need that MPEG2 card anymore (I say, "in theory", because I have tried my card MPEG2 feature yet...)
I had a problem getting my encore 6x dvd to work with my radeon! my decoder doesnt work anymore, kinda disapointing too, i want audio and tv out please!
anyone else come across this problem?
The Creative Labs decoder card requires you to connect the decoder with the video card. The Radeon has built in DVD decoder and does not support any external decoder. In another word, your independent decoder card is useless along with the Radeon. There maybe some ways to get around it, try deleting the ATI multimedia center.