Radeon DVD Playback Problems



I've been trying for several days now to get my radeon to play back DVDs. It used to work, but somewhere along the way, something happened.

In Win98SE, I get the blue screen of death everytime I start the player.

In Win2k, I get 10 seconds of slightly jittery play and then the system locks.

I've tried ASPI drivers, AGP 2x, 4x, DMA, clean boots, but nothing works. I have all the latest supported drivers for everything.

I tried PowerDVD and that doesn't work either.

Help anyone!!!?
Need to know:

Driver info
What cards are installed (sound)
IRQ conflicts?
Bios updated?
Have you installed any other DVD players? Because quite often they will conflict, causing neither to work. If you have installed other programs, I suggest you uninstall all your DVD programs, and just reinstall the ATI one and see if that works.
More info:
CPU AMD 800 "Thunderbird"
MOBO: ASUS A7V with BIOS 1004c
PS: 300 W
128 MB RAM
Only other card in the system is a sound card (SBLive)
No IRQ conflicts, only sharing.

Driver is 5.0.3035 for Win 2k and 4.12.3056 for Win98SE.

I installed PowerDVD when my ATI player wasn't working, and only in Win98SE, and uninstalled it after it didn't work either. In Win2k I've only used the ATI player (unsucessfully).
I also seem to have one other problem. I can't get DMA enabled in Win98SE when my HD is in ATA-100 mode. I can do it in ATA-66, and I can do it in Win2K in either ATA-100 or ATA-66. It doesn't seem to matter where I connect the DVD drive up to (IDE primary, secondary or even ATA-100 secondary).

I've looked in my settings for the SB16 emulation for the share LPT1 option, but I don't have SB16 emulation installed with Liveware 3.0 and the updated drivers.
More weird stuff I forgot to mention.

After uninstalling the MM centre, I can no longer get the DVD player installed, and WDM Rage Theatre Video doesn't work.

My SBLive clock stability checks out in WIN98SE, but not in Win2K. Why?

I think I'll try installing WinME and thrashing the Win98SE setup again now.