Radeon and TV-Wonder?


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I don't want to wait for the AIW, so I was thinking on getting the Radeon 64 now and adding a TV-Wonder later. Anybody know if this is a good idea? I'm assuming the TV-Wonder card is the same card that's been used in previous ATI cards? If so, is there a difference between this kind of combo (whether Radeon or previous ATI cards) and a AIW?

I've had previous experiences with the G400 and RRG card, and they work good. I didn't want to go with the Marvel G400 because it was only limited to 16mb. And there was no difference between the Marvel G400 and the G400 w/ RRG.

Anyways, if anybody has any experience with this i'll like to know how it is.
"Reformat" in the "Help!!! I can't..." thread said he is doing just that.
RADEON 64MB + TV-WONDER = same configuration as AIW RADEON except for the software which I'm sure you will be able to download.
if both cards have video capture i dont see how you can use them together and if you get the 64 without video capture the tv wonder
doesnt have the theater capture i was thinking you could use the 64 with capture
and vcr for tuner i am hoping someone will
test this out so i can deside to go for the 64 or wait for wait for the AIW
Thanks Nomad, i'll go check that thread right after this.

And yeah Energie, that's what I expect too.. with my current G400 and RRG card the functionality is the same as a Marvel G400.

Jobedo, yes, you can use the Radeon and a VCR for tuner, and that's probably what I will use initially. But it's great to have the 'digital vcr' capability... it's similar to the set-top Tivo, and can record programs for you onto your hdd and such. Great for a college student that doesn't have room for a TV and VCR (which i am).

I think if you have the money go for the Radeon + TV-Wonder.. that's what i'm going with now (but i have a couple of weeks to think about it since it's not available in my area yet).

I don't think that AIW is going to be the same as having a Radeon 64MB DDR + TV-Wonder. THE AIW is supposed to have 32MB and a lower clock speed (same as there current Radeon 32MB retail product). It appears that the AIW would be more like paring a Radeon 32MB product with a TV-Wonder. The ATI FAQ says that the Radeon 64MB DDR + TV-Wonder would work ok. Thanks,

Yeah, i'm aware of that... that's why i'm going with the 64DDR and TV-Wonder card instead, because i get all the functionality of the AIW, but w/ better performance.

I was just concern that the TV-Wonder and 64DDR combo wouldn't give me all the same functions as the AIW, since i never owned any ATI stuff before... but I'm a current matrox g400 users, and have the Rainbow Runner add-on, which gives me the same function as the Marvel G400.
Just a little note concerning the Radeon/TV-Wonder combination. In order to get them to work together, I choose the custom install option, and disabled everything except the Radeon display drivers themselves. Then I loaded the TV Wonder drivers. This means I'll have to settle for PowerDVD until ATI fixes their drivers.
hmm... and your OS is Win9x or Win2k? If you're having this much trouble w/ Win9x, i wonder how much problems i'll have w/ Win2k.
I'm running it under win98se right now, and I am very pleased with the performance. When I first got the card, I tried installing it under windowsme: blue screen of death every 5 minutes. I haven't tried win2k, but I suspect it would be just as bad. Win2k is part of the windowsNT family of OS's, and was never really intended for gaming or high end gaming hardware. I'd wait for new drivers, and maybe a patch or two(or twelve) from Microsoft.

Overall, I've had a fraction of the problems with the Radeon that I've had in the past with nVidia products. I'm confident that those problems are software based, and thus fixable. While I'm waiting for those fixes, I'll enjoy the High Res 32bit gaming bliss of the Radeon, because at least they got the most important part right!
Hi ReFormat,

I'm currently running the Radeon 64MB retail on WindowsME retail with no problems. I think you may have had some type of driver confliction with your previous video adapter. I previously owned the Leadtek Geforce2 64MB. I did the Nvidia manual driver uninstall from the Geforce FAQ and deleted all proprietary Leadtek drivers. My system runs flawless.



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