Radeon AIW has no Component Video out. WTF!!!!!



Radeon AIW still has no Component Videon out ,WTF's up with that? I wanna play quake on a 30" TV at a res higher than 800X600..

Since the AIW is out, Is there anymore cards coming out for Radeon? No more TV Tuner?
It only has S-Video and Composite outputs. I hope you are not confusing Component OUT with Composite OUT.
If you take a look at some of the Radeon Reviews at Firingsquad or Anandtech, they all mention the Radeon having Component (YPbr) OUT...the ones that you plug into a HDTV to get resolutions at 1900x1200...now there doesn't seem to be one on any of the Radeon boards

I'm not talking about the RCA plugs...
hmm you need to wait for ATI's DTV\HDTV tuners to be released in order to do that. AT least Radeon is the only chip out there that even supports YPbr outputs.

Im a bit disappointed too, but not a lot of people have HDTVs yet so ATI sees the market as not being big enough for them to release DTV tuners so fast.
It does look like a future Radeon board will offer component out according to the specs on the following page:

"RADEON™ also features the highest quality
method available to deliver output to a HDTV
monitor by supporting direct output of component
video. In component video, also known as YPbPr, the
luminance (brightness) and the two chrominance (color)
components remain as three separate signals to ensure
that each component retains maximum bandwidth and
excellent visual quality."
http://www.ati.com/na/pages/resource_centre/dev_rel/atirdv.pdf (Page 8)
Hmm...wasn't the Radeon supposed to make your non-HDTV into an HDTV?
My apologies, I think I did get Component
and Composite mixed up.
I can only hope they do add such support
in thier later products.