Radeon 8500LE...6071 drivers not compatiable??? WHAT


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Hi folks , im puzzled!
Recently bought this card, Radeon 8500LE 128MB...came in a white box
for a good price but im puzzled. When I downloaded the latest drivers from www.ati.com, clicked on the setup file it gets so far then says "Drivers not compatiable with display adapter"
WTF is that about??? I thought these drivers worked with all Radeon cards.
I managed to get them working by using Update Driver in Device Manager , but noticed afterwards GTA3 run alot ALOT worse.
Im puzzled, please help on this one :(
Im stuck with 6014 drivers at the minute.

I think that it's your video BIOS that's preventing you from using those drivers since your card looks to be a "Powered by ATI" one rather than "Built by ATI". Did you try the reference drivers, yet?


They're the same version (7.70) as the latest official drivers for "Built by ATI" cards.
Just installed those drivers, rather crappy to be honest...lol
I think ill go back to the old ones, seem to work better!
If you know your way around DOS you could go for a BIOS flash to retail. It feels as youve got the real thing (built by ATI) and ref drivers are almost always better than 3rd party.

Read some about bios flashing before tough, search the forums. If in doubt, ask before.

I use Atiflash as it doesnt get easier and when ive had bad flashes theres been no problem going back to good old 7.004.