Quotas +mandrake prob (anyone fancy a stab?)


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I have installed all the quota software have quota enabled for the kernel. The problem is I can't get quotacheck to run. If I run it from the standard (init 3) prompt it says that it "can't remount in read-only mode" - I also get the same message if I append it to rc.local...

If I try and run it from rc.sysinit (or by switching to init 1) then it checks the disks for a second then goes nowhere...If I run it usinf the -d flag then I find out that its that its stalling when it reaches a zero sized pipe (input|) in the /lib/aurora/ directory....

I have one linux partition (I know this isn't ideal) running mandrake 8 that I wish to use quotas on. The quota pkg is version 3.00.

Thanks, Graham..
Oh, woopsy, I just looked at your system spec. But I assume that's not the computer you're talking about. Anyhow, I don't know much about setting up quotas. Sorry! :(