Question about SmoothVision

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First of all, let me apologize beforehand about my lack of knowledge of Smoothvision.

I'm under the impression that Smoothvision allows the programmer to have more control over the kind of anti-aliasing effects that a 3D app will use. For example, as opposed to using a predefined anti-aliasing algorithm over the whole screen, perhaps the programmer can specify only portions of the screen to anti-alias and maybe even the algorithm to be used. Is this right?

Here's the meat of why I'm asking this.

1) Will Smoothvision allow me (the programmer) to use anti-aliasing only on specific pixels? For example, say I only wanted to anti-alias pixels that happened to be part of a polygon's edge. In my opinion, this may help avoid any loss of texture quality if you reduce your anti-aliasing to only a certain ranges of pixels. I'm not familiar with the functions to use Smoothvision, but will Smoothvision allow for this type of use?

2) Say I was going to try and do a focus effect (bring a polygon close to camera and blur the entire background (leaving the polygon in the foreground in perfect focus). Does anyone think this "blurring" effect would be better served by a very bad "quality" anti-aliasing approach, or do you think this is something more suited to the Pixel Shader? The reason why I ask is that I trying to determine which approach would take less time to code and have less of a performance hit yet will still deliver the effect I need.