QuakeIIIArena on Mandrake


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Can anyone tell me exactly how to get the QuakeIIIArena demo working on Mandrake 8.0? The nifty shell script ran fine and all and the game starts up in a promising manner until it discovers that some OpenGL lib isn't there. I tried going to RPMfind to get the lib, downloaded the indicated package, forced the install even though rpm said it was already installed, but the game still gives me the same message on startup. Please help, Quake is the only thing I use Windows for anymore.
i would have gotten it off the actual cvs unless you like me and have a stupid winmodem. mandrake8 uses 2.2 and you have to force install it as root. if anyone has access to the cvs and has a ftp site let me know if you could host the radeon drivers as i can't play quake3 in linux because of that.