Q about focus and "specific to currently active feature" option.


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Question 1:

How do I change the program focus when using the RW1? For example, if I am focused on winamp, how do I get the RW to go back to "windows" mode so I can then control something else? Or, if I am using two programs at the same time I woudl like to control, and want to switch between the two?

Question 2:
The "Specific to the currently active button" feature, even though I have CHrisTV and PowerDVD pluggins imported and working, I don't see those programs in the "when -------- is in focus pull down menu, so that I cannot gain access to the A, B, C, etc. buttons when in those programs. How do I fix that?

Thank you
I have nevr used the remote wonder software because of problems like this and instead I use a program called uICE. It has a free trial, but you will find it well worth the $20 to register it. You can do practically anything with any button you want and it is incredably easy to make presets. No coding envolved at all. I hope this will help you out. You can find uICE at http://www.mediatexx.com/.