PS4 Netflix App...


Planet Express
I've been using my PS4 to stream Netflix in my living room for some time now (2014) and just noticed that my soundbar is not receiving the proper DD stream when playing movies with 5.1 DD available.

I tested the App on my TV and works fine, the sound bar displays Dolby Digital, the same with my old PS3 (I even tested it on the other soundbar I have on the bedroom).

It seems the PS4 Netflix App is unable to do the same... Bluray playback works perfectly even with a DTS MA 7.1 track, the soundbar receives and plays it correctly.

I have 3 options in the sound settings for the PS4 (LPCM, DTS and DD). Depending on what I choose, the Soundbar never receives a DD passthrough.

I know I'm picky on this, but can't understand how my 6 year old PS3 handles passthrough flawlesly and the PS4 can't.... :mad:

Any ideas?, I'm using LPCM right now, or the TV app....
Nope, it's the Sony Ht-ST9. It's not an issue with the soundbar, the PS4 plays DTS-MA and DD HD just fine from blurays. It's something between the Netflix App and the PS4 settings.

I checked the thread you posted, but I think this is a different case as I do receive a multichannel stream depending on what I choose in the PS4 (LCPM, DTS or DD), however it's not automatic like with the PS3.