PS4 - is Sony choosing not to compete on the media front?


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Launch is here. No Blu-ray 3D support. No support for the existing PS3 bluetooth remote. No DLNA support. Etc etc etc.

I was very impressed with the PS3's media functionality, so its disappointing to see the PS4 taking backward strides on the media front. One can argue that some / all of this functionality may be introduced via future updates, but it is beyond surprising to me that Sony chose not to have media firing on all cylinders at launch, especially considering Microsoft's choice to make media a primary focus.
This is why I'm not bothering with the PS4, or even the XBox One. The PS3 (with apps for Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix) has almost everything I need for a home media center.
Full disclosure, I don't have a PS3. My first and only experience with one (and with home 3D in general) was this summer while staying with my bro-in-law, and watching Star Trek. Before that, I didn't even know that the PS3 was able to play Blu-ray 3D. The experience was fantastic, and made me regret going w/ the 360 - since 90% of our 360's usage is on the media side (Amazon Prime, PleX).

More to the point, I expect new hardware to be superior to the old in every respect, so I'm shocked that the PS4 falls behind the PS3 in some areas. Based on my limited experience with the PS3, and my general dissatisfaction with the 360 on the media front, I expected the PS4 to ultimately replace my 360 (though devices like the Roku blunt the need). Now, content to take the wait / see approach.
From what I gather the PS4 development focused on gaming and online gaming related functions first and foremost for launch. There was something said about some of those multimedia features coming back in future updates.

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I want to know if they still support MP4s and certain video containers. To this day I use the PS3 to watch all movies I download more than anything else. If they can keep that up then Im good.