PS4-5/XBOX/Switch Friend Thread


Emperor LOLpatine
So, for the 2 people left in this subsection, what's your usernames?


XBOX - SirBaron
PSN - SirBaron
Switch SW-0180-9406-8721 (2010's called and said wtf friend codes)
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PSN account is Meteor_of_War

I am really not on the PlayStation that often though. PC gaming satisfies most of my modern gaming needs.
i actually can't remember, heck i don't even know when was the last time i fired up my PS4. Switch is mostly used by my wife.
My PSN account is Sprkd1.

Edit: Don't have an Xbox or Switch.
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I can’t tell you my PS account on open forum. Can PM or steam it to you.
Xbox is KickAssCop
Switch I don’t know as I don’t use it. My 7 year old does. Still don’t know why I keep both Switch consoles.
Steam is KickAssCop, so is epic, origin, uconnect etc.
xbox - SubCog
Nintendo - SubCog

Although I rarely play anything multiplayer, unless you count UT2k4 with bots.