PS2 on ATI All-In-Wonder HD. Trying to get make PS1 videos in HD.


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I have an old AGP All in wonder 9200, which I used to make PS1 game vids on YouTube.

I have since replaced my old comp with an HP Pavilion Desktop (model a6683w) with (2GB of RAM), and was wondering if there was a way I could make my PS1 game vids in 1080p (or 720p). Is the All in Wonder HD the way to go?
how do you mean ps1 vids, you output the console into the AIW's input/capture device? even so, what's that got to do with 1080 or 720p when the ps1 itself is 480i (or something really low)

emulators can run other resolutions (with better than ps1 gfx too) & can capture the video, or use an app like fraps to do it
the card can probably handle higher resolution streams like 1080p or whatever, but the console itself will be limited in whatever it can output. In the case of PS1 and PS2, you're stuck at 480i or p or lower. Its the same deal with the Wii. Doesnt matter what the output source is if the input cant display that higher output.