Property Sheets in the AMMO SDK


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this probably should go in the "Programmer Questions" forum, but since it pertains to the remote, and the other forum is pretty quiet i thought it might be better to have it in here.

ok, i've been trying for 2 days to try to set up a property sheet to handle some very basic configuration options ("control winamp when not in focus" checkbox and such.. see the AMMO post and you'll understand)

but for the life of me i can not figure out how to hook the property sheet into the winamp.c program from the SDK. since it's straight C i can't use classes or any MFC stuff (that's ok, i don't know much about it anyway)

so it breaks down to this, does anyome know how to create a Property sheet in straight C, and be able to store those values somewhere that i can access them later on (after a rebbot and stuff... the registry?)
Take a look at this SDK call

int PropertySheet(LPCPROPSHEETHEADER lppsph);

as to your other question, you can use the registry or use an "INI" file...(but obviously M$ recommends the use of registry)
i'm still having a miserable time getting the Property Sheet to work... i do have a stop-gap solution.

I modified the WinAmp plugin to have a Configuration MessageBox (It's only got yes or no options.... yeah, it's pretty miserable :o) and it will save the setting whether you want to have WinAmp always accept the commands... i decided it was easier to just use an .ini file. I try not to do to much damage to the registry if i can help it.

i really have to take a class on win32 programming, this trying to teach yourself stuff, is way harder than it should be.

oh well, that's enough for today... maybe more tomorrow.