Programming the A key with the windows start button


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Is there a way to program a key combination of Windows Key+ALT+ENTER to the A - F keys? I can't work out how to do it in version 2.3 of the remote software.
Time for regedit

Time for regedit

To program the "Start" button, just set a button to "Display or Hide the Start Menu"

To program Alt-Enter: You can't type Alt+Enter in the box. Not even if you mash the key with your nose.

So you have to edit the registry. Fun.

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ATI Technologies\Multimedia\Remote Control\

If you are using per-feature mapping, go to ..\A\Windows otherwise go to ...\A\OneSet. For other buttons, pick the right letter.

Set Command to "14f2" (hex for ATIRW command 8002 which is virtual keypress)
Set Flags to 0 (dunno, always 0)
Set Modifiers to 4 (0x04 indicates ALT)
Set Predefined to 0 (not a predefined key-combo)
Set VirtualKeyCode to "d" (0x0d is ASCII for ENTER)

Open the ATIRW options and you should see the key programmed as "presses ALT + ENTER" Don't change it or you'll have to do this again.

This does not work for all apps, you can't fullscreen a dos-box or a winamp viz with it, but it will work in WMP9 and some other players.