Problems with my Radeon Please Help!!


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I was a happy owner of a GF 256DDR Card till last week (monday) when my card died on me.

On tuesday I went to my local EBX and went looking for another GF card to my luck there were none left since the store is getting ready to receive their stock of GF3. But they had this one last Radeon 64DDR ViVo for $250.00 which I thought it was not a bad price for a 64Mb Video Card (that cost alone got me my 32Mb GF).

So I came home kind of dubious because I had heard things of the radeon and I feared about ATI Drivers which I had heard they sucked.

I decided to go safe and I formatted my PC and installed Windows 2000 (SP1). The first Drivers the ones that came in the box of my Radeon were so ****ty they wouldn't even let me load w2k. I downloaded a set of beta drivers (which were the only ones supporting Dx8), and installed them again. This time it worked.

I finally made it through the rest of my PC installation and when I had all set I decided to take my PC through 3D Mark 2001 in the simplest of settings. I got a pathetic score of 1900 points. Geeezus!! I got 2500+ with my 32Mb GF DDR!!!

Ok so I cool my self and I make another set of tests at 32bit and so on since I had heard the card performed better in higher settings. I got a 2079 score in 3D Mark 2001.

I am still cool. So I try benchmarking two different PC's I got at home. One is a single P3 500 Okd to 550 128Mbs ram and windows 98. with mine (see my signature below).

Now I would like some hard core Radeon user here to explain something to me to see if I am missing something here or what.

How is it a Windows 98 with a GF 256DDR w/32Mbs, 128Mbs Ram, sblive etc. got a 3500 score!! against my 256Mb PC-133 Memory, 800E Mhz P3, running Windows 2000 (SP1) and a Radeon 64Mb DDR get a lousy 2079 score.

I would really like to get a better performance from this card. Games like counterstrike, quake and UT skip frames and look like ****. (pardon my french).

I will appreciate some help, some guidance and enlightening before I yank this piece of **** off my Mobo and throw $600 bucks in a GF3 (which I don't want to do.. because it's so f'king expensive and I rather spend 600 buckaroos in booze and women...).

I was told to try the newest release of drivers, the 3116 but I have not been lucky to find them. The ones in reactor critical are unavailable.



PS. Currently I am using driver version 3102