Problems with mpeg2 capture for compress to mpeg4


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Well, I have captured a home video in my Radeon DDR 64 VIVO.
I have 1.84 gigas in a mpeg-2 file, I have tryed to compress to MPEG-4 with Windows Media Encoder and the program said that the file has not supported format??

Then I captured a little video in MPEG1 and everithing was fine. How can I compress the MPEG-2 captured in a Radeon to MPEG-4

Please Help

Head to:

And grab the DivX codec. That page will also inform you of all sorts of cool stuff going on these days with MPEG4. There's a program called FlaskMPEG listed there which is what I've been using to convert my Radeon captured MPEG2's to MPEG4. Looks great!

Not 100% sure if it's a standardized MPEG4 or something slightly different, because I haven't bothered checking (doesn't matter to me because I'm only using it for archiving purposes).

Hope that helps!