Problems with F1 Challenge 99-02


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I have a problem with a COMPAQ Deskpro EN SFF P650 512MB RAM Intel BX 82443 chipset with an ATI Rage 3D AGP 2x onboard AGP Controller. The system runs under Win98SE and is normally doing a fine job. The game itself is running just fine on another machine with an ATI Rage II AGP card.

The problem is that (with various drivers) I can't get that game to run properly. Either it crashes back to the desktop when loading the main menu or it tries to load the selected track and crashes immediately after finishing. I also tried the drivers and combinations from BigZ's site - none of them lets the game run properly.
I have also tried with Win XP and various drivers/combinations but also with no luck, instead it crashes the whole machine or hangs it. (STOP Error in ati2drad.dll/ati2drab.dll when I have a BSOD).

I hope someone has experienced similar problems and maybe found a solution.

I also thought about buying a Radeon 9250 PCI board with 128 MB additionally - maybe anybody knows, whether I'd have more luck trying that instead.

Any comments, suggestions or hints are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance and all the best for the new year,

Looks like a hardware problem... possibly a damaged video chip.
Does crashing occur with other games?
No matter, the Radeon is a good upgrade.
Hi BigZ, thank you for your fast reply. I had taken a hardware problem into account, but I have had the chance to test it on similar hardware (I had the chance to get 3 similar Deskpros for my whole family) and it didn't run on a second machine either :( - with the same problem occuring. Another F1 game (GrandPrix) runs absolutely fine as well as Star Warx X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. DxDiag showed also no problems and the config passed all possible tests within DxDiag.

Anyhow I suppose I'll try the Radeon PCI solution (thanks for recommending it explicitely), the only thing I was afraid, the Deskpro hardware might be too old for it (although I figure the PCI bus version should be 2.1) or that other problems could likely occur in regard to conflicts with the on-board AGP.

Thanks again but I'm also still open for any additional tips and advice :).