Problem with SB Live MP3+ 5.1


New member
I have a problem with the PlayerCenter 2.0 software for my SBLive MP3+ 5.1 in Win2K Professional.

I installed the driver for the card off of the driver CD, rebooted and checked for conflicts in Hardware Profiles. No problems. Then I proceeded to install the apps from the driver CD one at a time, each time rebooting after installing an app and checking for conflicts. Again, no problems. Everything installed just fine except for the last application: PlayCenter 2.0.

Towards the end of the installation process for PlayCenter 2.0 I got an error message stating, "Warning! MediaDet.exe error". I clicked okay, and the program continued to install. I rebooted my machine and tried to run PlayCenter 2.0. It started fine, but when I click on the button that allows you to choose your music source to play (audio cd, music file on hard drive, etc.) I get an error message "Cannot Initialize Digital Audio's Com Object". PlayCenter 2.0 then locks up and I have to kill the program with Task Manager.

All of the other SBLive apps that I installed work great. No crashes, no limited functionality, but PlayCenter 2.0 simply won't work.

Any ideas?