Pretty good deal on a Vega 64

Got my Vega 64 on release day and my settings are as follows;

P6 1552 voltage 1050mv
P7 1632 voltage 1075mv
HBM 945 voltage 1075mv
Power +50
Fan 2500

All tests at Ultra 1440p

Shadow of Mordor
Minimum Avg High
82.83 115.76 152.4

Tomb Raider (not latest one)
128 164.7 202

Dirt Rally
104.41 123.90 157.40

Average core is about 1588 and temp is about 74c so not too bad. Fan noise is fine just a whooshing sound so not really noticeable above the audio.
Meaning Rise of the Tomb Raider or Tomb Raider 2013?