Powered vs Built by ATi, driver problems?


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Sorry for the weird topic name :o

Well i bought my Radeon 8500 from a really shady salesman for a superb price, its clocked @275 from the start and he claimed it was one of the "demo cards" that came early on the market.

Anyway the box says "powered by ATi" but i have always used the "built by" drivers and no problems whatsoever compared to the powered by ones. They even work a hell of a lot better since they are newer of course! :)

Anyway i got no idea what the hell my card is, the box is so cryptic with no real brand name, it looks like the original ATi except it has a pegasus in all that red/black pattern....`the only little detail which reminds of a brand is a small logo on the fan of the card, it sais "3Dpower"....

So really, am i loosing valueable performance by using "built by" drivers?
3D power is the brand in this case.. but i dont' recall 3Dpower been a partner of ATI. hummm maybe you should check the partner list on the ATI website.
I got a good plan, take it back and buy a GeForce 4 Ti 4600!
I've had this ****ing card for about a week and already I wish I stuck with NVidia.
Damolee said:
I got a good plan, take it back and buy a GeForce 4 Ti 4600!
I've had this ****ing card for about a week and already I wish I stuck with NVidia.

Yet another satisfied customer of the "Powered by ATI" fiasco. At least all nV drivers work across all nV-based boards. And rarely do we have the OEM "But we don't want you to know our name" boards on nV, either.

ATI really needs to strive harder towards making their OEM businesses less of a flag and more of a feature because thus far their OEM cooperation (lmost of their OEMs are no-names who prefer not to tell you their name) leaves a lot to be desired.
Damolee's ranting and complaining everywhere.. Don't listen to the poor guy.

Well, if you're not having problems with the Built-By drivers, go for it. But with the new ones, don't be surprised if it doesn't. There's a set of catalysts for the powered-by cards, you just have to pick a PARTNER PRODUCT when you go to download the drivers, not pick an 8500
Built by ATI Drivers do work on all Boards if You edit 1 Line in the inf File. Its located in "C:\ATI\support\wxp-radeon-6-13-10-6094-efg\Driver\XP\CX_04273.inf" in this Release.

Search for a similar Card like Yours and delete the &SUBSYS_... Part. Like for me it would be

"RADEON 8500/RADEON 8500LE" = ati2mtag_R200, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_514C&SUBSYS_013A1002


"RADEON 8500/RADEON 8500LE" = ati2mtag_R200, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_514C

Works always for me.
This crap just pisses me off. ATI starts making some decent drivers but they fluck everything else up.
Software like MMC

Software like MMC

Anyone tried installing MMC on Powered by ATi cards (provided that you have the cd of course)? Or can some hacking be done on the installers to allow them to work?
Guys iam just wondering why "built by" drivers work on my supposedly "powered by" card, seems lots of others have problems i dont have, but the question is- am i loosing performance having "built by"?