Powered By ATI!! These cards are CRAP!


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Hi people, feeling very pissed off right now and to be honest
NVidia rule the world! These ATI cards are shite, the drivers are SHITE also. Card is Radeon 8500LE 128MB.
What I dont understand is, all I want is a simple game of Counter Strike. I've tried the latest reference drivers, tried the ones that came on the CD with the damn card,tried the Built By ATI drivers and no matter what I try I'm getting tearing in Open GL or Direct 3D mode, also on Open GL thetext looks AWFUL.I always have V-Sync enabled for Counter Strike as its an ageing game BUT STILL TEARING!!!! My old GeForce 2 MX 400 run the game MUCH MUCH better in Open GL, so whats the score wiv this piece of ****????
I really do not know what to do except lose the card and buy a
GeForce 4 Ti.
I highly doubt its the drivers.

Who makes the card? NVIDIA also has some shitty OEM's using their chipsets, so lets not blame this on ATI just yet.
Thats a problem , God knows who makes the card!
Im running CS 1.5, but is there a patch needed for ATI cards?
Will it improve performance?
This "powered by ATI" thing is what puts me off buying a 8500.

There are loads of suppliers selling "8500LE - Powered by ATI" cards, with no information about who actually builds them, and as they're all OEM you just get a white box. So if you buy a 8500LE OEM it can be impossible to know who built it, so go easy on the guy.

I don't know how to improve CS performance on you card (it sucks on my old Radeon too...), but I don't blame you for being annoyed. When you buy an ATI card you just don't know what you're getting. It's been that way for years now - I got stung on a 32 Meg Radeon which turned out to be a SDR VE without T&L, even though it never said anywhere in the specs that this is what it was - it was sold as a 32meg DDR. Fortunately I got it replaced for a 64DDR retail, but even then, the clock speed was only 160MHz, when it was advertised as 183...
Maybe you stupid people shouldn't nuy a oem card if you think it is crap.

I have a club3d radeon 7500 and it runs like a hot knife through buttter :lol: . My 3dmark2001se score is 5200 (not that I care about 3dmark but it's just to show you what I am talkin about). So I am not complaining.

CS 1.5: 71 fps constant. With fsaa on max and AA off. 1024X860 @ opengl .