Power DVD ???


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I just bought ATI Radeon AIW 7500. I updateted my DVD driver with the lastest one I downloaded from ATI web site. I wonder if I can use the plug-in for the Power DVD 4 posted in this forum for my remote wonder ?. By the way what is Power DVD or Win DVD I read from these threads. I am new with this technology. Thanks for any response from you.
the ati dvd player doesn't require a plugin. the ati MMC is designed to accept remote inputs without the need for a plugin.
ATI’s DVD software is in fact,…as I understand it,…. Cyberlink’s “PowerDVD” Software. Since ATI licenses “PowerDVD” DVD playing software from Cyberlink in order to bundle it with MMC it should work with the Remote Wonder without the need for additional configuration on the part of the user.

That is to say that it should work out of the box.

I have heard some time ago that the ATI DVD decoder was actually Cyberlink’s DVD decoder but I was actually able to verify this recently.

After a new build consisting of an ATI X800XL, Sapphire Theatrix Theater 550 Pro, ATI HDTV Wonder and Windows XP MCE 2K5,….

I installed a demo of Intervideo WinDVD and ATI’s DVD decoder along with MMC. I then used the “Microsoft Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility”. It showed the WinDVD decoder and the latest Cyberlink decoder were installed and that both were Widows XP MCE 2K5 and Media Player 10 compliant. There was no mention of an ATI DVD decoder,….