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Well screw it then. I am not touching my system until the next build. Pretty unhappy with the EVO11D and will move to a bigger case to accommodate all the crap I have in my case.
How do you guys spend your sundays?

Isn't that too close for eyes? I would probably go blind if I sat that close? Might be the angle? Is the desk depth about 100 cm?
Yes desk is 100cm. It does look closer in photo. I can't touch the screen even if I'm leaning forward, it's beyond my reach. Desk on the left is 75cm deep.
First new build in a VERY long time as I've been piecemealing it for a dozen years, but my old case is now too short for the new graphics cards (4080). Phanteks P600S is sooo nice to work in and quiet. I opted for the solid panel because it'll be up against a wall anyway.


Just added a storage activity light to the Phanteks case... they didn't have one. Not really necessary (especially these days), but I'm old and set in my ways. The button on top is ringed with clear plastic that glows/blue/white when the case is on. It's transmitting from a pair of LEDs underneath the button. I snaked a long cable to a red LED that I inserted between them. Now when there is storage activity blue/white changes to red/purple momentarily.
Bigupdates coming from the world of ULTRATRON! :cool: Currently have three systems. System 3 is the Deepcool Tristellar Core i9 9900k.and an RTX 2080. It was a spare parts system, but all the spare parts were actually the ones in the original build sans a new ssd. I am a much more sophisticated builder now so it doesn't have all the clicks and gurgles of the first iteration and MUCH neater wiring. Pic below:

System two is about to be rebuilt. It's the Kandalf w/ a Ryzen 7 5800x and an RX 6800 XT . The ole Kandalf has been stable for months and really is a thing of beauty considering the limitations of the case, but I will be taking the MB, video card, processor and memory and drives, and adding some new faster drives and putting it all into a new COUGAR PANZER MAX ULTIMATE MILITARY INSPIRED case. That will be system 2. Retiring Kandalf below:

System 1 is a cheap Alienware Aurora R13 I got on clearance after my Aorus MB crapped out. This Aurora R 13 came with the stock air cooler that makes the system non-functional. The system did however also come with the clear side panel, a Core i9 12900 processor and the high quality Dell server power supply. I then transformed the system with a large Noctua cooler and fans, additional ssd & nvem storage, and my Pony Verto RTX 3080. Needless to say the system is now cool, quiet & awesome. I will be posting pics of it and the Cougar build in the coming week or so..

Thank You.

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If my turd was a computer, it would look like those systems… :bleh:

J/K but those are defo some of the most horribad cases I have seen in my life.
If my turd was a computer, it would look like those systems… :bleh:

J/K but those are defo some of the most horribad cases I have seen in my life.

KUK! Glad you are still around! The Kandalf looks so cool empty, but then you build in it and there's just no cable management. It does look pretty good in person. The Tristellar looks really cool in person. When this is done, the Alienware (which looks incredible now too) will be my primary system, the Cougar Panzer will be system 1a, and the Tristellar will be system 3.. on display but fully-functional and ready to be put into service should one of my other systems have any major issues. The Kandalf will be put back into storage.. for now! (along with the Corsair military green case)
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Love your work Ultratron :D

Thank you, Demo. Here is a better pic of what the ole Kandalf looks like with the side panel on. Pretty sure it is the only Thermaltake Kandalf running stuff like a 6800XT and Ryzen 7 5800X with no issues. The Cougar MAX ULTIMATE ULTRA Panzer will be fun. Deciding whether to keep the be quiet or go with liquid cooling. Pic below: