possible to run MMC 7.7 on a Rage 128 Pro?


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I have been reading posts that it is possible to run MMC 7.7 on a Rage 128 Pro AIW......

So even though am using a Rage 128 Pro... I had read someplace that they both used the same chip... I thought hmmmm......

I had been using MMC 7.6 which worked fine. So I thought I'll try 7.7. It installed fine and everything worked EXCEPT the one thing I really wanted the TV tuner. According to the check thing there was 1 failure. It said that my chip had to be radeon (or something like that.)

If I have misread this or perhaps read misleading information (about the use of the same chips) well ok. I know that the Rage 128 Pro card is old but I got it for nothing so.... Am just wondering if its possible to get a little more out of it? As I also read it is better to use MMC 7.7 or higher.

That being said this is my first capture card and I've totally enjoyed the experience.
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