Poor TV reception on my AIW 128 Pro


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I hate to show my ignorance here, but is this card supposed to work with cable TV signals or is the whole move to digital signals causing problems?

I was using a different card which died so I reverted to this one which used to work great for TV. However, ever since I re-installed it I cannot get any decent reception from cable. There are a few very snowy channels and one that is watchable (It's the Weather Channel!) but the rest have nothing.

Windows XP SP3, DX9c, MMC 7.1, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Athalon processor

Am I missing something?
Lets assume your card is ok. Where are you, who's your cable provider and are you paying for analog or digital service?

Does your system have a cable box anywhere in the loop? If so, what kind?

By way of troubleshooting, look at your cable connections. If you have a cheap splitter or crappy cable in play, swap them out with better hardware. I assume your using a splitter to feed the AIW, your TV set and possibly a cable modem too. If so(ish), swap some cables around to see if there's any difference. Try plugging the cable as directly as possible into the AIW -- with no splitter in the mix, bypass the set top box if you have one, and use the best looking cable you have.

Make sure your connections are not loose and have no crud or corrosion (spelling?).

The results of these experiments should help determine where the problem area is. Let us know.

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Problem solved

Problem solved

Thanks very much for your reply. I called Comcast and verified that I should be getting an analog signal so my next step was to check connections (obviously should have been my first step!) and found a loose cable connecting to the card itself. I tightened it and presto! Beautiful picture! Now why didn't I do that 2 months ago?

One thing I learned is that Comcast at least is still providing analog signals but from what I read that may end in 2012. Until then all is A-OK. Thanks.