Poor Remote Wonder Soldering


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Recently, my remote wonder (not II) stopped working. Windows stopped recogizing the RF reciever as a device. So I opened up the case on the reciever only to find that a 2-year-old did the soldering. It was obviously done by hand, as their were burn marks everywhere and gobs of solder everywhere. I'm guessing it's not good to have several resistors short-circuited by gobs of solder :).

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Actually, My cat chewed the antenna lead off my old remote wonder. I hope it came out in her poop.

So I replaced it with a heavier gauge stranded wire.

While I was in there I did notice it appeared to be a hand assembled device with more solder than was necessary. I did see a spot that might have been shorted, but then again, it could have been a technique of bridging a circuit modification.

Who knows.

If it works before you clean up the suposed extra solder bridges, you may want to take a good close up digital photo of it, so you can put it back to how you found it if no longer works after you remove the excess solder.