Polaris / RX 480 / etc laptops?


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Heard of any launches or dates?

In the market for a CrossFire dual RX 480 that performs like a GeForce 1080 GTX but costs less. Plus 4K 15.6" IPS display, Intel 6820K, 16GB DDR4, etc. Would be killer if one of these launch for 1500-2000K or so.

Been looking at a Dell Outlet GeForce GTX 980M, 6820K, 32GB, 4K etc that goes on sale routinely for $1200. Decided to hold off in hopes of AMD or nVidia next gen goodness. Power saving and performance boost. :D

3000k+ for nVidia's cards kind of outrageous in the SLI laptops... But dreamy and a possibility.
I've loved my last 3 gaming laptops .... I mean "Business Laptops" that just happen to have gaming abilities. But I'll never go back to anything under 17" ... and I'm still hoping that 19" that alienware and others started to try out will be an option.

15" is smaller and lighter but f-it I want to have a big ass screen if i'm dropping $1500 on a laptop.
so badly want

so badly want

4K 15.6" or 17" Crossfire Radeon RX 490 set up or something to hopefully compete with NVidia's 4500 price tag on similar set up on price. :B

yea indeed been buying 17" laptops since 2006. my first laptop had GeForce 7900 GS, and what looked like the first 120dpi displays on the market for laptops (1920x1200). screen was so slick at the time ..

since then I owned a 16" laptop (it was a 15.6" screen expanded due to to edge to edge RGBLED backlight tech) and found it to be adequate.

as I travel the country now by train/plain/bus, found dropping a few pounds of weight intriguing after lugging my current 17" everywhere I go. backpack does get heavy at times.

I traveled from Oregon, to Stockton, to Sacramento, to San Francisco, to Washington DC, to Virginia Beach, to New York, to Baltimore, etc and back again to various cities, and that's only the start of my previous 1 year journey.

BTW I used to do the same thing as you. Business class laptops were my faves: the 10-bit color displays, the workstation class graphics, etc. that's my favorite system, but you don't usually get Crossfire/SLI/best gaming class graphics, you get something sort of different but a very high quality experience. typically blow $1200-$2300 on laptops..