Polaris HBM 2 ?


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Does anyone know if these cards are coming?

Im still running a gtx 570 and desperately need a new card for bf1 and I am eyeing the rx 480.. I don't know if I should drop 350 ish on one of these gddr5 versions or not if the hbm 2 is coming early january..

Someone on the inside at either ati or nvidia posted on a conspiracy forum I frequent about 4 months ago and said HBM gpu's are coming and are going to be dirt cheap to push VR on a mass scale..

But the question is, are they going to be dirt cheap? He said 200 bucks for a card the would make the gtx titan look like a golf cart next to a corvette..

I see amd has the fury out with HBM, I have a hard time believing its not the top card with 4096 bit memory data path.. That is massive.. There should be zero bottleneck in those cards.. How is that card not the top dog?

Are the polaris rx cards going to be revised with hbm 2 in early 2017? Or are they just going to launch the new vega line with hbm 2?
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From what I understand, HBM2 will be reserved for higher end cards because of the price.

If you go for an RX 480, the Nitro+ still seems like the best choice,
however the GTR V2.3 is looking like a revision of Polaris where the card requires
much less power and OC's much more.

If you are looking for HBM2 on Polaris, my guess is no.
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That being said, I personally would not buy an RX480 right now when you can get an R9 Fury for $289 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202186

ya thats a great deal except newegg u.s won't sell to canada and the price on the cdn newegg site is 420+ 10 shipping..

The exchange gouging is ridiculous, and the tax isn't even applied so add another 13 dollars for every hundred, the price just skyrockets..