PlugIn: Turn Monitor On/Off?


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:hmm: Sure would like to be able to turn off/on the monitor!

Yesterday, I just replaced my Gateway Destination with the AIW7500 and would like to find a plugin that either toggles monitor on/off or else I could setup A/B for on/off.

TIA for any thoughts.

define "turn on/off"

are you talking like that windows power saving thing that usually kicks in after the screensaver and the pc has been idle for a while?
Turn Monitor Power Off

Turn Monitor Power Off

Exactly! Only, in this case I don't want the monitor to turn off after a defined period of inactivity, but rather when I press a button.

BTW, I leave my PC on at all times, use it both as a computer (email, web, misc apps, etc) as well as my main TV in the family room (31" monitor). So when I'm done using it, watching a movie, etc. and go to bed or leave the room I'm used to pressing a button which simply turns off the monitor but leaves the PC running as before...

i don't know, but if there's a windows system program that actually tells the monitor to go into power saving mode then you should be able to set the A-F buttons to call it like you would call any program.

i'll look around when i get home tonight and see if such a program exists.
we definitely need an enhanced versio nof the remote wonder software.... !
Stephen Orr (ATI multimedia manager) told us on this forum that the next release will be more powerful, and will allow more customization, but what about this new version stephen :-) ?

As NiDan, I think the best way is to call a specific app that will turn off the monitor.... (I don't remember the name, but there are quite few apps...)
I think I can code one...

I think I can code one...

I think I've just about got the coding figured out to either turn off the monitor or else put it into powersave mode (which is exactly what I think I want to do here), although I was expecting that someone else would have done this already!

Looks like you just need to do a SendMessage (application_handle, wm_syscommand, sc_monitorpower, x), where x is 2 to turn off the monitor, 1 to put it in standby and -1 to turn it on.

Now all I have to do is figure out what language to use and test it out...

I'd still be interested in knowing if anyone else had created such a little applet.


Enumerate all monitors. Call ChangeDisplaySettingsEx() twice with DM_PELSWIDTH | DM_PELSHEIGHT flags set and the DEVMODE structure zeroed except for the flags and the size members. Changing to a display mode with 0 for width and height turns off a monitor and an app would want to do this for all the monitors active. And don't forget a button to turn them back on. :)
I read through this thread, because I have wanted to be able to turn my monitor off with my remote for a while... so, I downloaded the program that was linked here, and tried to get it to work... Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to work with my remote. I can make it work just fine from the desktop, but when I try to set one of the buttons to call it, it leaves off the modifier, so it just calls up the help. I don't know if I'm just a monkey, and I'm missing something or what, but any help getting it to work with the remote would be appreciated.
running Wizmo from Remote Button...

running Wizmo from Remote Button...

You can't run the wizmo directly, but rather you have to setup a batch file and then run the batch file from the remote -- at least that's what I did and it works just the way I think it should!

(I setup a batch file called A.bat and put the wizmo command line including the parameter to turn off the monitor in the single line, then setup the remote A to run A.bat...)

Hope that helps you.

Thanks a lot... that's exactly what I needed to know. It's working precisely the way I wanted. Thanks again for the help, I was starting to feel a lot like a monkey. :)