Plugin keep disappear after reboot


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I have added new plugin into the rw software, then after reboot, all that is left in there is Gemiplus II, why is all the plugin keep disappearing. Anyone have is problem and able to fix it? Please Help
I have the same problem with my RW I device using ver 3.02 & 3.04 software. anyone else?

What version of software are you using?

Edit: The problem definitely seems related to the Gemstar Plugin. The only way I can get other plugins to survive a restart is to make sure that I manually remove the Gemstar Plugin from the RW config before I reboot/restart RW. Actually removing the Gemstar DLL FILE from the Plugin folder doesn't work. <shrug>

I'm going to try some older versions.
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I am using the new version Ithink is 3.06. I will try to see if your way would work

I uninstalled 3.04 and went back to a 2.? version, but fubarred the installation somehow, so I ended up reinstalling 3.2 which is now working.

Unfortunately I cannot point to anything that would "make sense" of why it now works. Sorry.
I am having the same problem here.

3.04 is what I am using and it loses plugins every time I restart the ATIRW program.
It was working great before and the only difference is I am in Vista 32bit right now instaead of XP.

If anyone find a solution, please help me out. It is really a pain to reload the plugin everytime I run the program.