Plug -in for Multidec

Use girder you can find it on (download the girder and ati plug-in), so you don’t have to program it just click button on multidec then on remote to assign it, and that’s all.

If you want to have "plug-in" that works without girder I will program it but not now because I have exams now maybe for weak or two :-))
I use Multidec 8.2 so plug-in will be for that version.
Any news about Seca2 decoding???
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thz 4 feedback

thz 4 feedback

thanks 4 awsering...
i really didnt get along with grider... and would gladdy wait 4 a plug-in from u...
i use 8.2 also....
and 4 seca2....... it will come, i'm sure :))