Playback stutters with DirX 9c (codec problems ?)


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Can anyone help with a seemingly intractable problem ?
I've been using the MMC7.1/DVD4.1 setup described below as a secondary VCR for several years. The PRO 128 is connected through to a VCR and TV in another room, and enables good quality (VHS comparable) 2 way transfer of off-air recordings.
The MMC was upgraded from the 6.x supplied with the card and (after the usual ATI software upgrade agro) has worked fine ever since. Its only problem being a clash between power management and the ATi scheduler which I work around if I need to.
Attempts to upgrade to DirX 9 in the past led to more severe power mgmt clashes which left the TV unusable without a reboot, so I backed out to 8.1.
A recent hardware upgrade (the 120G HDD and a DVD burner) required DirX 9 to support Nero, so I decided to upgrade to the latest drivers and MMC.
No matter what I try I can't get a usable playback on the new system. I've tried the newest recommended combination (7192/MMC7.2/DVD5.0) the same old combo as on my other HDD (7078/7.1/4.1), various permutations of the above and finally a complete format and clean ME re-install, fresh mobo drivers DirX9c then 7192/MMC7.2/DVD7.6(to fix a 10% fast problem described by ATi).
But EVERY one of the attempts ends up the same - all features work except that the recorded video stutters continuously on playback on the new system.
There is nothing wrong with the recording (it plays OK on the old system) and good archived recordings from the old system also exhibit the same fault when played back on the new.
Has anyone out there come across this problem ?
I'm getting pretty fed-up with this and if I can't fix it soon my DVD burner will be out of warranty before I've even tried it !
Having had no reply from ATi (shock horror !!). I've tried another format/clean ME re-install, followed by DX9c ATi 4.13.7192/ MMC7.6 /DVD 7.6 and lo and behold capture works (and plays back) perfectly.

(thanks to the info elsewhere in this forum I was able to remove the ghastly default skin and turn down the record volume without it resetting itself too high again)

Unfortunately everything is not hunky-dory. I discovered after writing the original thread, that DVD7.6 fixed the 5.0 109% playback speed for captured mpeg2 files, but would not play DVDs - This applies both with MMC 7.2 and 7.6

When first started it goes through the initialisation wizard and brings up the DVD player, which refuses to do anything except lock-up the system.
All subsequent calls bring up the splash screen then - "ATIMMC has caused an error in KSPROXY.AX" (one of the directX modules)

Has anyone come across this problem with 7.6 ?
I know this is a rather one sided conversation, but FYI, in case it's of help to anyone else in the future reading this thread. The DVD player problem went away when I installed other 3rd party DVD players ( Real player 10 and VLC media player) which reminded me of something I'd forgotten.
When I first upgraded my PC in 2000 and installed the AIW 128 pro with the early MMC and DVD bundled with it, the DVD player wouldn't work for the first month or two. ATi were as baffled as me (although much more helpful in those days - they actually carried out a two way conversation by email - with no automated replies, just real people).
The solution then was the same - As soon as I'd discovered where MS had hidden their DVD player in Win ME and run it once - the ATi player burst into life and worked perfectly from then on.
I'd forgotten all about it because all subsequent DVD player upgrades had worked ok until 7.6