Philips Acoustic Edge VS Hercules Game Theater XP


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Hi guy's wich are the best card in you'r opinion?

Price is not an issue

* Sound
* Connections
* Drivers
* 3D protocol support
* Performance

Will be nice to hear what u think guy's

Everone is entitled to their opinion.


i think they're pretty much the same except for connections, game theater has a lot more of them. including optical and coaxial out. that's why i'm getting a game theater over an acoustic edge.

i can't remember if acoustic edge support A3D or EAX or both, but i know game theater supports both. this is a sweet card.
They both support the same API's EAX 1 and 2, and A3D 1 via Sensaura for the GTXP and Q3D for the AE.

Sensaura is in my opinion better then Q3D for gaming, Q3D is better for Home Theater.
they both garbage compared to my CREATIVE 5.1 PLATINUM...... can we say infared and internal.... who wants a big piece fo crap on thier desk or computer case.......NO ONE.
>who wants a big piece fo crap on thier desk or computer case.......NO ONE.

Actually I do.

I just replaced my SB Live with a GametheaterXP. I would MUCH rather have the box on the desktop than wasting a bay in my tower.

It's pretty well documented that the XP blows away the SB Live soundwise also.
...while he tosses the edges of his cape over his shoulders and looks accusingly :mad:, with one eyebrow cocked, at his adversary, the GameTheaterXP hating, Live! toting, menacingly hateful Citzeasley...
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Personally, I have bigger pieces of "crap" on my desk than that thing. My desk is TEEMING with big pieces of crap. So much so that I took out an ad at Ebay that says "BIG PIECES OF CRAP FOR SALE". CRAP, CRAP, and MORE CRAP!!

Sorry, lost myself for a second there.....never mind:D