Peddie Report

Hmmm.. this article is a posterchild example of why people that have absolutely no clue concerning a topic shouldnt be providing "documents" about those topics.

"By now everyone knows that anti-aliasing, is the elimination of the stair-step effect or "jaggies," that lines and edges create when they are not perfectly horizontal or vertical."

This reads almost like a popular IHV's white-paper on the subject and perverts the very traditional value of antialiasing.

Antialiasing is exactly what it sounds like, the removal of aliasing, which in turn are artifacts, errors, inconsistencies and other tradeoffs that happen when an image is truncated down to a digital picture consisting of limited color accuracy and pixels. It is NOT simply to remove stair-step jaggies on lines and edges. lol. That would be an IHV's definition. :)

The later references to Moore's law (which have no correlation to AA or AF) are also pretty sure signs of IHV white-paper PR. Antialiasing techniques have been applied in realtime and non-realtime systems for the past 20+ years... and not in simple forms of hacked or reduced effectivity algorithms to simply provide line drawing edge smoothing or edge/primitive antialiasing.