Pc shuts off and turns back again on when Windows 10 was loading,getting devices rea


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Hi pc:
12900K with NZXT KRAKEN X73
RTX 3090 Ti Gigabyte Gaming
Aorus Z690 Elite DDR4 bios F5
Seasonic Px 1300W Platinum Prime

I went from Aorus Z490 and 10850K to 12900K and Aorus Z690 Elite DDR4. Windows 10 is installed on SSD from 10850K build.When new pc booted i enabled in GEAR 1 XMP ( 3600 mhz ). Then i rebooted to UEFI again without issues.

Then i reboot pc again and when windows 10 was loading first time ,pc shutts off ( heard psu click ) and turns back on again. And second time it booted to Windows 10 normally.
Is my pc fine?

Why pc shuts off ( OFF heard psu click) and turns back again ,when windows 10 was configuring first time on new platform ? Pc shuts down and boot itself up. Not typical reboot.
It happened before Windows 10 boot <%>Getting devices ready.

But why it shutdown ( i heard a click from psu ) and then reboot itself?comes back automatically

Windows 10 working now normally no issues , but just asking about that. Thank you so much my friends.

Someone on geforce.com said that i must rma psu. I am worried. So what now?



"its the psu buddy, i told you it'd start to behave like this ages ago. your psu cannot handle the startup currents without registering an overload event."

What is registered overload event?
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Can you replicate the event without the GPU? If you can, it is unlikely to the PSU power, but can be PSU compatibility (that too seems unlikely as this is a relatively new PSU).
Also if it is, as suggested a power rush issue, would it also not affect when starting a 3D intensive game? (if you've tried one)

When i moved from 9700k to 12700k i couldnt get my AX860 to work (even without discrete GPU which is a 3090).
But why it shutdown ( i heard a click from psu ) and then reboot itself?comes back automatically

Windows does reboot itself several times during the initial installation process. (updating drivers, updating/reconfiguring windows, etc) You may have just witnessed/heard one.
Hey guys sorry for late reply,was working. I tested few games,windows 10 desktop no shutdowns or something. I will test more but now i think its fine. If during game i will be have reboot i will rma for sure.
Did you get a reliable UPS like I told you to in your last thread?

I mean you were having power surges in your shanty.
You guys always keep falling into the same trap. Seriously, even a duma has learnt by now.