PC Gaming Video Thread


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Thread rules: (modified and based on the Screenshots thread)
  • Please only post game video (not of bugs or problems) and keep the chat to a MINIMUM.
  • No deep linking videos, all videos must be re-hosted. Deep linking is a form of bandwidth theft and can lead to problems as well when the owner decides to mess with people stealing bandwidth.
  • Keep the chat down to next to nothing.
  • Posters that seem to go out of their way to derail it will be banned.
  • It is mandatory that you post the name of the game; we had too many "what game is that" posts in past similar threads.
  • You can post console videos if it is to compare graphics between versions for any particular PC game.

So let's see em! Post your game vids :)
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I'll kick things off with me playing poorly but sneaking out a win.
Unreal - S3's DMEgypt1 level for showing off S3TC texture compression.


Win using the Attack on Titan ODM gear for chapter 4 season 2.